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Smart metering project(Faham) has been started in Iran

Smart metering project(Faham) has been started in Iran
Iran Energy Efficiency Organization, responsible for implementation and deployment of Smart Metering project (FAHAM) in Iran, started the first phase of the project by selecting contractors through a tender that was executed successfully on 11 Dec 2011. The winners are thereby authorized for installing 1000000 smart meters in five separate distinct and predefined areas under the supervision of Tehran metropolitan, Alborz province, Zanjan province, Booshehr province, and Mashhad and Ahvaz Power distribution utilities.


FAHAM is considered as the greatest ICT project in electric industry of Iran. The notable aspects of this project with various stakeholders and using successful projects experience of other countries, led us to employ EPC method to implement this project in Iran.

Holding valid EPC certification in the field of power and telecommunication was essential for all contractors. Also the contractors had to present their proposals as a consortium. The members of this consortium are solution providers, telecommunication and Information and Technology companies and Meter manufacturers.

This tender was executed in two main stages. During the first stage, a short list including 8 suitable vendors was prepared out of 19 bidders.

Names of the eight candidate Iranian EPC companies are:

1-    Parsian Co.

2-    Farab Co.

3-    Faraniroo Co.

4-    Safanicu Co.

5-    Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing (public stock Co.)

6-    MahamShargh Group Co.

7-    Micromodje industries Co.

8-    Fulmen Co.

And names of foreign candidate solution providers and meter manufacturers are:

1-    Golritz

2-    Powel

3-    SWECO

4-    Landis+Gyr

5-    Hexing Electrical

6-    BBS

7-    ADD grop


9-    Holley Metering LTD

10-  Shenzen Holley South

11-  Kaifa

During the second stage, the bid evaluation committee selected the winners holding better proposals after strict evaluation of their submitted technical and financial proposals.

Finally, FARAB Co. with its foreign partners (SWECO, Shenzen Holley South and GCEPRI/NARI) and Safaniku Co. with its foreign partners (Powel and Holley Metering Ltd) and MahamShargh Group Co. with its foreign partner (Hexing Electrical) were announced as the winners of this tender.

The estimated time for launching the main project is 6 months, during which time; the contractors should finalize their technical design and executing programs.



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