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National Smart metering program in Iran (FAHAM) entered a new phase

National Smart metering program in Iran (FAHAM) entered a new phase

After three years from starting the first phase of National Smart Metering Program in Iran (called FAHAM),we are proud to announce thatthe smart metering system include smart meters, hardware and software of FAHAM can totally be designed, builtand tested by Iranian companies. Now six Iranian meter manufacturers and two IT company can supply FAHAM projects.

To celebrate this successes, all of related companies include: Tavanir,Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (IEEO), Niru Research Institute, Consultants companies, General contractors, Meter manufacturers, Telecommunication companies and other stakeholders gather in the Iran’sministry of energy and exhibit their achievements.

The functional, technical, security and general requirements of this project have been published as a document at the start of the program. The procedure of producing this document was based on EPRI Methodology (IEC 62559). In these technical documents all of the business and functional use cases (23 Use cases), the conceptual architecture, mandatory international standards for electric, water and gas metering systems(for all types of consumers),telecommunication requirements, system interfaces and security mandates was defined.

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