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Finalizing the first package of FAHAM Interoperability Specifications(FIS)

Finalizing the first package of FAHAM Interoperability Specifications(FIS)
The first package of FAHAM Interoperability Specifications (FIS) related to GPRS meters are finalized in three-color books.

The national smart metering program in Iran is known as FAHAM that stands for the the abbreviation of the project title in Farsi. Like other AMI projects in the world, the most important challenge to mass deployment of smart meters is interoperability between all components of system and providing the unique data model in each communication layers. Therefore, Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (IEEO-SABA) as leader of AMI project in Iran decided to develop specifications for making interoperable devices by using international standards and global successful experiences in these years.

These Specifications are developed by cooperation of all stakeholders as an expert working group during intensive meetings. This expert working group is included of Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (IEEO-SABA) as leader of FAHAM project, Tavanir as  supervisor of FAHAM project, EPC companies as contractors, FAHAM's consultant company, smart meter manufacturers and representatives of local distribution companies).  

These specifications are prepared in three color-books that include interoperability specification (White book), Objects list (Green book) and Events list (Orange book). Now, these books as a national specification of smart meters will be implemented by FAHAM contractors and meter manufacturers in the near future. These documents provide communication between smart meters from different manufacturers with different head end systems.

 Also, SABA plans to develop the 2nd & 3rd packages of FAHAM interoperability specifications by this expert working group with cooperation of all stakeholders. The 2nd package of  FIS is related to PLC communication between meters and data concentrators  and  the 3rd package of FIS is related to communications between data concentrators and head end systems.

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